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Developed Cosmetics™

Developed Cosmetics™ - Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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No more hand cleaning your brushes and waiting hours for them to dry! Our Developed Cosmetics™ makeup brush cleaner will completely wash and dry any of your makeup brushes in seconds, saving you plenty of time and hassle. Our 8 different makeup brush holder sizes allow for any and all of your brushes to easily be cleaned and dried.

    What It Comes With


    8 different sized makeup brush caps, shatter proof cleaning bowl


    1 USB cord, 8 different sized makeup brush caps, shatter proof cleaning bowl

    Key Features

    Cleans your brushes in seconds. 

    All you have to do is attach your brush, place it in the bowl, and turn on your device.

    Dries your brushes in seconds. 

    You no longer have to wait around for your brushes to dry. Just hold them above the water after cleaning, turn it on, and in a matter of seconds your brushes will be fully dry.

    Protects your brushes from damage. 

    You no longer have to destroy your brushes with a towel in your attempt to successfully wash and dry them.

    Saves you time and is convenient. 

    Our makeup brush cleaner will make your life easier from the moment you buy it. It simplifies the cleaning process to seconds and will quickly become an everyday must use.

    No more hand cleaning your makeup brushes!

    An electric spinning makeup brush cleaner to save you many precious hours you'd normally spend cleaning and drying your brushes. It swirls your brushes in soapy water until leftover makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, and debris are gone, and then it spins the brush until it's dry.

    Cleans AND Dries your brushes in SECONDS!

    The device completely opens up the bristles of your brush to clean deep into every area and allow for a drying process that takes seconds, leaving it looking spotless.

    Sleek and neat look that fits anywhere

    Comes with 8 different makeup brush caps, a shatter proof cleaning bowl, and a stand to hold everything neatly for your next use!

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